Bilateral Control pada Haptics Teleoperation SAR Robot

Funded by Toray Research Grant 2010. The purpose of this research is to enhance mobility of search and rescue robot (S&R Robot). Mainly, S&R robot are controlled remotely by operator from outside. Advanced techniques have been recently develop world-wide on the robot so the robot may walk on ruin, some may jump. However, uncertainty is the main key to be solved. Even the most advanced S&R robot is not stuck-free on uncertain ruin. In which, the robot is not programmed to escape from undefined stuck condition. For that purpose, the S&R robot is designed to be operated based on slave robot with predefined kinematic similarities.

The first prototipe below use general motor servo (GWS)

in order to test bilateral sensation in multi degree with serial servo, the following prototype is realized with 3Degree of Freedom (DOF) on each hand.

the 2nd prototype with serial servo (kondo & dynamixel) will be ready in March 2011

Mainly in colaboration with Dr. Wisnu Jatmiko (Faculty of Computer Science) funded by Ministry of Research and Technology of Insentif Research Grant 2008 & 2009. The ACONICS Research Group contributes on Robot Development. Each robot has independent tracked wheels with compass, wireless serial, ultrasonic range and gas sensor.

© Copyrright Aconics Research Group Electrical Engineering University of Indonesia

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